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The Key to Evangelism: Jesus Christ, Not Billy Graham's Mantle


For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of

God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 6:23

Billy Graham passed away February 21, 2018, a little over five months ago. Even before his passing, there had been speculation as to who would receive his mantle. A mantle is an anointing given by the Holy Spirit to an individual for a specific purpose. Some believed Billy Graham's powerful anointing would fall on many evangelists. Graham's biographer, William Martin told the Charlotte Observer, "I don't think any single person will be 'the next Billy Graham.' That's in part because evangelical Christianity has become so large and multifaceted - in significant measure because of what Graham did - that no one person can dominate it, regardless of talent or dedication. It's just not going to happen." Martin then noted that at many of Graham's conferences, attended by thousands of itinerant evangelists from many countries, Graham would say, "You are my successors." (source)

Think of Elijah and Elisha in the Bible. Before Elijah was taken, he asked Elisha what he could do for him? Elisha asked to inherit a double portion of Elijah's spirit meaning he wanted the same God-given abilities and privileges to be his when he became Elijah's successor. Elijah told Elisha he was asking a difficult thing, but if he witnessed Elijah being taken away, Elisha would be given what he was asking for. Suddenly, a chariot of fire and horses appeared, and Elijah was taken up to heaven in a whirlwind. Elisha picked up Elijah's cloak (mantle) and struck the water with it. It parted, and Elisha walked across on dry land. He had indeed been given the double portion he requested, and the Spirit of the Lord was resting on Elisha to do the things God called him to do (2 Kings 2:9-14).

As I said before, before Billy Graham passed away, people began to talk about who would receive his mantle; who would be given the same abilities and privileges that God had bestowed on Billy. Would it be just one or would it be thousands? Here is some of what I found:


“A prophecy was once given to me by a group of young YWAMers. They said, ‘There’s coming a shift to The Call. It will not be fasting and prayer, but a proclamation of the Gospel, signs and wonders, and stadiums will be filled. Billy Graham mantles will fall on this nation.’ Someone else has prophesied over me for 10 years, ‘Look for the season of Billy Graham’s death. Stick with him, because you are going to get something from Billy Graham.’ Then, Chuck Pierce prophesied today, ‘Some of you are going to become an evangelist!’ I knew that applied to me! When Jesus the Evangelist begins to step on the scene, evangelism begins to rise again. It will rise in us! Prophets will become evangelists, teachers will become evangelists, we will all become evangelists because that’s what Jesus is doing right now in America!” (Lou Engle)1 (source)

Lou Engle is the co-author of The Call, which are large stadium gatherings across the country with an emphasis on prayer and fasting. The goal of these gatherings is to be a catalyst in ushering in the third great awakening. He also focuses on social justice, and unity (meaning one-world religion) Here is the beginning of a message Lou preached one month after Billy Graham's passing. And here is the Day 6 message on Facebook for the California Dreamin' Fast. Lou Engle is an apostle in the New Apostolic Reformation, and it can be seen in his emphasis on evangelism without the gospel of salvation, and in his teaching about a third great awakening. Remember in dominionism, a global harvest will take place and not the Tribulation.


The following quotes are from The Call website, The Briefing 021 - Billy Graham's Mantle:

On the day of Graham's death, Engle wrote, "It is my conviction that his passing is the signpost of a new day of evangelism and stadium Christianity breaking forth in America again."

Benny Hinn prophesied in 2012 that when Graham transitioned into glory there would be a company that would "move into a manisfestation of power where there won't be just power on one or two, but upon multiplied thousands." He said, "It will be the key, the sign, of the beginning of the greatest revival on Earth. Billy is about to go home. And when he does, I'm telling you, the whole church, get ready."

Shortly before Azusa Now, Chris Berglund had a dream in which he saw T.L. Osborne, Billy Graham and Derek Prince circled in prayer in the upper section of the stadium. Then last summer he was told in a dream, "At Billy Graham's home-going the greatest evangelistic outpouring will be ushered in."

Earlier in February, Neville Johnson published a similar word saying, "Billy Graham will make the journey home in this season, leaving behind a mantle that many will pick up. His mantle will be joined with the mantle that T. L. Osborn left behind, and this dual mantle will manifest as one evangelistic mantle that has never been seen in the earth before. With the integrity that Billy Graham had and the mighty signs and wonders that T. L. Osborn moved in, those who move in this dual mantle will reap an enormous harvest."

A pastor also dreamed a few years ago of Billy Graham's passing. In the dream he watched the mantle that was on his life lift from him, then hover for a moment, then burst into what he understood to be about 1000 pieces. Each of them shot with force into people all over the world, who then carried within them that same powerful anointing for evangelism.

Just day's before Billy Graham's death, Lou was fasting and praying when the Lord spoke to him about passing of Elijah's mantle to Elisha. Lou was immediately gripped with thoughts of Billy Graham. Right then he wrote in the margin of his Bible alongside 2 Kings 2, "I will not let go Billy Graham until you let a double portion of your spirit be upon me and a new generation of evangelists."

President Trump spoke in Billy Graham's honor and thanked God for Billy Graham's extraordinary life as an "ambassador for Christ who reminded the world of the power of prayer and the gift of God's grace." Then in a closing prayer for our nation, the president prayed, "that all across this land the Lord will raise up men and women like Billy Graham to spread a message of love and hope to every precious child of God."

What these NAR leaders and followers are saying is problematic in that the Bible doesn't teach the world will end with a great global harvest. Even though these quotes don't talk about the revival being the end, based on their dominionist views, it is most likely what they are all saying.


Another man having a similar type dream and at one point repeats what the 'Radiant one' in his dream is saying, "Remember the GOSPEL, it is the Good News full of loving kindness, grace, mercy and the demonstration of power that leads people to me (Key to Evangelism).

What is he saying? In this man's article, he never mentions what the gospel is, but based on what the Radiant one says in his dream, it sounds like it's not what the Bible teaches.

What does the Bible teach? What is the key to evangelism? It's Jesus Christ and Him only. He died on the cross for your sins (1 Peter 2:24) because sin separates you from God (Isaiah 59:2). Three days later, He rose again (1 Cor. 15:4). Jesus loves you so much that He gave His life for you (John 3:16) so you would be able to spend eternity with Him in the place He is preparing (John 14:3). Because your sin separates you from God, you must repent of your sins and turn to Him (Acts 3:19). This is the Good News of Jesus Christ! This is the power of the gospel! There is no other name under heaven by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12).

Billy Graham did preach the gospel of salvation to hundreds of thousands of people. Many people were saved through his ministry. But we don't need his mantle. The Bible already commissions us to preach the gospel of the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit lives in us and will empower us to do what God calls us to do. If He calls you to do the work of an evangelist, He will also equip you (2 Cor. 9:8).

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