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This morning after I got off work, I went to the grocery store. After I put my groceries in the trunk, my keys were gone. I looked on the ground and in the cart. The thought that I had put them in the trunk didn't seem possible. Why would I do that? But apparently, I did. I also had left my phone in the car. Ugh!! I went in to see if there was a phone I could use. They directed me to a pay phone. I put in my fifty cents and dialed my husband. A recording came on and told me I didn't need to dial a "1" before the number and to hang up and try again. "I didn't dial a '1' " I mumbled under my breath. I dialed again, and a recording came on and told me I needed to put fifty cents in for four minutes. What?? I put the correct money in the phone already. Of course, I didn't have fifty more cents so I went in and asked a man if I could use his phone. Reluctantly, he handed it to me. I explained why I wanted to use it and that it was a local call, but he wasn't listening. Finally, I got through, but my hubby didn't answer. He had worked the night before and got home at 4 am. He must be asleep. There was nothing else to do but wait.

I found a place to sit where I could see him when he arrived. I tried to ask God why this was happening, but honestly, I didn't care. I prayed He would rescue Me or help me write my blog while I was waiting. Neither happened. But two songs came to my mind: Your Love Defends Me by Matt Mayer and If I Don't Have You by Love and the Outcome. The second song I had heard on the way to work. As I had listened to the words a few hours earlier, I remember thinking, "This is how I feel."

I don't want the world if I don't have You I don't want it all if it means I lose You I've tasted and I've seen enough To know it's You I need I don't want the world if I don't have You If I don't have You

So I was talking to God about this song as I sat waiting for my ride. It felt like He was pleased and agreeing with me. Sometimes I question my own thoughts and so it meant a lot that God was giving me peace and letting me feel His pleasure when I said the above song was how I feel. It's like He was using lyrics to speak to me. That's when the other song came to mind. Here I was sitting alone, but not feeling lonely. The words of the song reminded me that He was with me.

Surely my God is the strength of my soul Your love defends me, Your love defends me And when I feel like I'm all alone Your love defends me, Your love defends me

As I sat realizing I may have to wait several hours, I was amazed at the peace I was feeling. Having a peace that passes understanding doesn't always happen, and I was confident as to where it was coming from. Don't get me wrong, I was so very happy to see Kevin when he arrived two hours later, but the time spent waiting was sweet. And to find out that my husband didn't get the message until after he had made himself breakfast but had left it on the table to come and get me, made me feel loved. So even though it was not the morning I chose, it was a good morning.

Have you ever had a morning like that? It wasn't what you planned, but it was still good. You knew you could have felt anxious, or frustrated, but God's peace was surrounding you; His love was defending you. It reminds me that we have such a great God and that He is able to keep us from falling and to present us faultless before His throne with great joy (Jude 1:24).

I may have locked my keys in the trunk of my car, but I still had Jesus. He was the key to my successful morning. He is the key to your success as well.

Love and the Outcome: If I Don't Have You

Matt Maher: Your Love Defends Me

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