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Not Forsaken

For Israel and Judah have not been forsaken by their God, the Lord

Almighty, though their land is full of guilt before the Holy One of Israel.

Jeremiah 51:5

God punished Israel for their sins, but He didn’t forget them. He didn’t forsake them. He used Babylon to punish them by letting them invade the land and exile the people. But now He is telling Judah and Israel that He isn’t leaving them in this situation. He has a purpose and plan and will see that it is carried out (51:12) Babylon will be destroyed for its role in the destruction of Israel and Judah. The Lord will be their lawyer to plead their case; He will avenge them. Babylon doesn’t stand a chance. Even though it was a great and mighty nation that pretty much did whatever it pleased, they were no match for God.

Babylon was the enemy. We have an enemy; our wayward children have an enemy. Even though the promise in Jeremiah doesn’t mention any of our children by name; He does give some truths that can certainly apply to them.

For the Lord of Heavens Armies has not abandoned Israel and Judah. He is still their God, even

though their land was filled with sin against the Holy One of Israel.

Jeremiah 51:5 NLT

I like the way the NLT says, “He is still their God” We can say that too! Even though our children are living away from God, He has not abandoned them. He is still their God. And just like He had a plan and a purpose to destroy the enemy (Babylon), we can pray that He will destroy the enemies work in the lives of our King’s kids. We can pray that He will come to their defense and plead their case just like He did for Israel and Judah. Our enemy is no match for the King of the Universe, the Lord of Heaven’s armies; the Holy One of Israel.

We have been grafted in and have the same rights and privileges as every other child of God, including the children of Israel and Judah. Our King’s kids have the same privileges as we do; they just don’t realize it…they have no understanding. They are living in the land of the enemy and only see what they can see with their natural eyes and what’s around them. They only see what the world has to offer. It may even look good or at least have the illusion of being good. The enemy has blinded them to the truth and we must fight for them through our prayers.

Lift up your hands to him in prayer, pleading for your children.

Lamentations 2:19

The enemy is mocking, trying to convince you he has won, but don’t listen to him. The Lord has a plan and a purpose for everything, including our wayward, but deeply loved, children. God has not abandoned them…He has not forsaken them!

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