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Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who

does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth

I went to The Well this week. They talked about having tools in our toolboxes. Each leader introduced themself and told us a tool that is their go to tool; one that connects them to God and one that they feel confident in using. Then they talked about a tool that they would like to become more proficient in. During table time, we also got a chance to talk about what tools we use and what tools we would like to acquire. As I was listening to the leaders and the other people at our table, I was struck by how many tools we have available to us…prayer, worship, The Word of God, obedience, listening, contemplation, silence, faith, sharing our faith, journaling (or love letters to and from God), memorization, and I know there are more. What is your go to tool? What tool would you like to become more proficient in using?

I have a lot of tools in my toolbox, but many of them I want to become better at using. I am most consistent at my daily time with God each morning. God always puts lyrics from a song in my head and I start by writing them down and ask God what He wants to say to me? I write what He says. This is sort of like His love letter to me. Then I tell Him what’s on my mind (I write it out), and listen again. I read Jesus Calling and that often applies to something I am dealing with. Again, I write out what He is saying to me. Occasionally it is revelatory, but mostly it is repeating what He has told me 100 times before. Over the years, I know I have grown, but sometimes it feels like I grow at such a slow pace, it’s maddening. One of the things God says to me often is that He is not in a hurry. That we are right on schedule. Another thing He often talks to me about is how He will always let me know when there is something I need to be concerned about and if He hasn’t shown me anything, then I can rest. I struggle a lot with staying in rest. Probably the two things He talks to me about the most is the importance of staying connected to Him and how pleased He is with me. He tells me this when I am listening and when I am reading Jesus Calling. So the tool I need to work on the most is believing Him. Without this, some of the other tools will be hard to use.

I am also reading through the Bible for the first time this year and it has been fascinating. I am learning things I never thought I didn’t already know. I’m serious. I thought I had a pretty good knowledge of the Bible, but it turns out, there was a lot I didn’t know. I’m sure if I read it through again next year, I will find out so much more. Isn’t that the way the Word of God works? It’s living and active.

This group is all about prayer and intercession. I’ve read that intercession is a sacrifice and I tend to agree. I’ve also been told that most Christians don’t really pray. I was there for a long time so I’m not going to say it’s not true. Are we just too busy? That is probably part of it. There are probably many reasons. I read this week in a magazine from Dick Eastman that he believes prayer is the single most powerful weapon we have. His organization has a goal of reaching literally every home for Christ with the gospel message. But he believes without prayer, none of the things that happen would be happening. Prayer releases the power of God to work in the world. I definitely want to become better or more confident in prayer and intercession. I feel like I do have faith to believe that God is working in the lives of our children…our King’s kids. And I am willing to persist and not give up or into discouragement. I am thankful for this group and that we all have the same vision and are willing to pray and intercede for not only our own child, but also for others. This truly is a sacrifice that is pleasing to God! We are workman for God who do not need to be ashamed! One day if we do not give up, each one of us will have a testimony of how God worked in the life of our kids. Remember, they belong to Him and He loves them infinitely more than we ever could. He knows every hair on their head and nothing is too hard for Him; nothing surprises Him, and nothing gets by Him. They don’t stand a chance! So keep fighting the good fight!

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