The Father's Heart Mission is to have relevant and uplifting blogs posts and devotions to help the reader encounter the Father's heart of love and find encouragement and hope for their journey.
The Vision is to see people find freedom and hope through the transforming power of Jesus Christ.


Hi! I'm Lynn and I have a passion to see people set free in Christ. Jesus says "It is for freedom that He has set us free" and yet many today still live in bondage even after becoming a believer. For many years, I was the one living in bondage but once I encountered the love of the Father at age 45, I began to understand what it means to live in freedom. This is a journey I will be on the rest of my life and a journey I long for others to go on as well. I believe it is the Father's heart for us to know Jesus and live in the freedom that He offers. I want to share this journey I am on with you, my readers. I am also the mother of a prodigal son who is very dear to my heart. I want others who have prodigals in their life to know their is hope and that they are not alone.


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